Homeless alcohol, nicotine and drug addicts live und the S-Bahn bridge at Kottbusser Tor in Berlin. On the way to my fitness center, I saw them sleepingand using drugs there. As a filmmaker, I wanted to take a closer look at it and learn about the reasons why they lead such a life. One of my protagonists lives in the same house as me and has himself admitted to psychiatry. His apartment has been cleared and he is now being looked after by social workers after his treatment. It is a visual attempt to find out the reasons why the protagonists got into this difficult life situation. In addition, the recordings are permeated by the attempt to show spiritual connections with reference to the law of cause and effect.

At the end of the documentary, almost all of the protagonists have disappeared and the place at Kottbusser-Tor has been cleared. The reasons for this are not known and would be a topic for new documentation. They have broken up and contact with them is no longer possible. Today I assume that they have been accommodated and are well looked after. There are reasons for this assumption that are not dealt with in the documentation. It was not only my goal to make a documentary baut also to make sure that they get help. At the moment it looks like I´ve succeeded. Since my films have only been known to my friends so far, I have now made the decision to bring the last of my films to the public. All films are aids to reflection, have a therapeutic effect and increase the ability to mentalize.

Working on this documentation gave me several insights, among other things. The experience of emotions is considered to be the origin from which mentalization can ultimately grow. Based on the hypothesis that infants do have emotional expressions but do ot have differentiated awareness or experience ot their emotional states, early affect mirroring is ascribed a central role. The ability to mentalize enables one to think about oneself and about the assumed inner life of other people. Different perspectives are recognized, and false beliefs are incorporated into oneself and other.

Veröffentlicht von yusasafjesuschristus

auf youtube : MEM HEY SHIN

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